Unfortunately the Puppy Parties at Scott Vets are currently on hold due to the ‘lockdown’ situation with the Corona Virus. However, we are offering advice over the telephone, so please don’t struggle in silence, feel free to call Scott Veterinary Clinic or Dogs Understood for help and advice.


Scott Veterinary Clinic
405 Goldington Road
Bedfordshire MK41 0DS
Telephone: 01234 261622

Due to the current situation with Corona Virus and the Government restrictions, we are also unable to offer Puppy Classes. In light of this we have put together a bespoke Puppy Training Package, which will enable you to progress your puppy’s progress without delay.


Unfortunately the Corona Virus pandemic and ‘lockdown’ means that our ‘usual’ indoor Puppy Classes will not be permitted for some time.

However, Dogs Understood is adapting to the current situation and offering an exciting new puppy package. The new package will be bespoke to every client, however, the general foundation for each package can include:

  • Telephone Consultation prior to purchasing your puppy. This can help with identifying the right breed for you and finding a reputable breeder or Rescue Centre.

  • Telephone Consultation before your puppy’s arrival, advising on travel, crate training, toilet training, feeding and your puppy’s first night in their new home.

  • Home Visit – currently required to be held outdoors (i.e. garden), following Government guidelines and social distancing advice. This session will help you get on track with the training your puppy requires whilst restricted due to vaccination, i.e. toilet training, crate training, feeding, socialisation and basic commands, introducing reward based training. This session is aimed at your puppy between 8 – 12 weeks and you can choose how many home visits you have.

  • Outdoor Training Sessions – set in different environments and covering various aspects of training/socialisation, including a group session (once restrictions allow) with puppies of a similar age and at the same stage of training.
  • Full details of these sessions are available from sally@dogsunderstood.com.

    Each session will be approximately one hour in duration, although it’s important to understand that a young puppy has a short attention span and therefore each session will be broken up with informative discussions, whilst the puppy has a rest. It is also important to understand that puppies should be restricted with physical exercise and this is always taken into account when working with a puppy. Discussions will cover all sorts of topics, including insurance, neutering, grooming and everything else relevant to owning a dog.

    Thereafter, any further sessions will be tailored to your puppy’s needs at that time, but the package is intended to cover as much as possible to give you and your puppy a good foundation for a harmonious life together.