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Dog Training

Dogs Understood is a Dog and Puppy training company based in Bedford, Bedfordshire.

We mainly specialise in one to one behavioural and training consultations but also offer Puppy and Dog Training classes. We cover all of the Bedfordshire area and our classes are very flexible and can work around you.

We only use and recommend kind reward based training methods. You will be advised and guided together with your dog through the problems, so that the experience for you both will be a pleasurable one. Please note we do not use any unkind training or correcting techniques, ever!

We, at Dogs Understood are here to offer the help you need! Just feel out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Does your dog…

  • Cause damage in the home?
  • Bark Continually?
  • Chase its tail?
  • Pull on the lead?
  • Suffer from anxiety or nervousness?
  • Show signs of aggression or other unwanted behaviours?
  • Soil in the house?
  • Suffer eating or feeding problems?

We can offer the help you need

  • One to one home visits and consultations
  • One to one training sessions
  • Training classes


About Us

Sally Hubbard

Canine Behaviourist

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Sally Hubbard

Keith Hubbard


Keith Hubbard

My passion for dogs became apparent at a very young age.  Being privileged enough to be brought up with dogs, my interest and passion resulted in my Nan buying me ‘my own’ puppy in 1985, when I was 10 years of age.  From there my love and interest of every aspect of owning a dog grew.  My interest in dog training began and my puppy and I started the long and enjoyable journey I have been on ever since, accompanied by my loyal and devoted dogs along the way.

Over the years I have continued with the training and studied various aspects of dog training, behaviour and psychology, together with numerous nutritional courses.

Having qualified as a Canine Behaviourist with the Canine Behaviour Centre, and as a Pet Nutritional Advisor, in 2003 I decided to form Dogs Understood on a part time basis.  In 2006, with an ever increasing demand on my time, I made the decision to work full time with Dogs Understood.  I am an Associate Member of the Canine Behaviour Centre and also a Member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have had the support of my family, in particular my husband Keith, who helps with the logistics of our ever increasing business and who takes care of the ‘technical’ side.

Our dogs have always been an integral part of our lives and work.  Our team consists of 2 Belgian Shepherds (Tervuerens) and 2 Shetland Sheepdogs.  They assist with training demonstrations, educational visits, training and working with other dogs and Pets As Therapy visits.

All of my dogs over the years have had a wonderful impact on my life and I must make mention of a very special chap ‘Dino’, who sadly passed away in August 2013.  He most certainly was ‘A Dog In A Million’ and his influence and presence was my driving force to develop my ‘hobby job’ into my full time work/life.  Dino had a special place in the hearts of everyone who knew him.  I thank you Dino.

You will find photos of all of my dogs on the gallery page.

The main function of Dogs Understood is to provide a professional training and behaviour service.  Linked to our training services we also offer a full range of Mobile Pet Supplies with free delivery in the Bedford area, where deliveries are arranged at a time convenient to you.  We pride ourselves in offering quality products to help ensure your dog’s health and well being.  We are also agents for many well known premium dog foods.

We have many satisfied customers over the years and a small sample are listed on our Testimonial Page.


Mobile Pet Supplies

Dogs Understood is also a mobile service offering a full range of pet products and services, all delivered to your door at your convenience. We always aim to be competitive with pricing even though the product comes direct to your home.

With our considerable knowledge and Sally’s qualifications in Canine Nutrition, we offer fully qualified professional advice on what is the best food or product for your dog.

We supply a full range of nutritional treats and supplements, collars, head collars, leads, quality bedding, a full range of activity toys, in fact everything your pet will ever need – all direct to your door.


Below are just some of the products we supply, and remember everything is FREE LOCAL DELIVERY. We stock complete foods in all sizes, a full range of Mary Ray products including Clickers and target sticks. All foods and products are used and recommended by us and come with full nutritional advice.


  • Hi Sally, we just wanted to say thank you so much for the last few weeks of puppy classes at Scott’s Vets. Roxy has enjoyed every second of it, as have we! She has picked up your training techniques with ease as they are fun for her to do. You are a very patient and understanding trainer and we feel very fortunate to have met you. Please do keep us informed of any workshops you are going to do as we would love to come along! Thanks again, Emma, Darren and Roxy x

    — Emma and Darren. Bedford —
  • Just an update on some of the dogs you have helped us with recently. Scooby – you will remember we had been approached to re-home him as he was virtually out of control. I am delighted to say that following your help and advice at your one to one session and then training classes, the family have decided to keep him! They have been amazed at the difference in him since following your guidelines.

    — Barbara - Coordinator Lab Rescue —
  • I have used Sally Hubbard’s company Dogs Understood for seven years. This really speaks for itself; I have found her services absolutely invaluable. The benefits are:- I can order to my door specialist dog and cat food that cannot be bought on the high street or in specialist pet shops (I have breed specific food). Her prices are competitive and the products she provides are very wide ranging. I have ordered dog leads, cat brushes and many other non-food items.
    Sally manages to produce anything I ask for and delivers it to my door at very short notice. I have also used Sally’s expertise as a Canine Behaviourist, both on the many casual enquiries and as a qualified and brilliant dog trainer (and owner). I am sure there are many other services, advice and help that Sally offers that I have not mentioned. Sally is a delightful, helpful and kind person, whose company provides an invaluable service and a professional approach. I would recommend to anyone the many services provided by Dogs Understood.

    — Mrs S Jackson - Bedford —
  • My name is Marley, I am a German Shepherd and I have been told I live up to my name. I settled in well with my new brother and sister (Terriers) when I was a small puppy but when I was released after my vaccinations I was very afraid of the outside world. Traffic and other dogs frightened me and I would react by lunging and barking.
    Mum and Dad found me difficult to control on my lead because I am a big strong boy and can look very scary. We all went to Norfolk for a holiday when I was 6 months old. I did not realise how stressful I made that time for them.On our return Dad rang Sally immediately and she came round to the rescue.
    So far Sally and Keith and my new cousins Dino (my mentor) Willo, Josh and Lilly have all shown me how to behave and I am now slowly taking note. There is so much to learn and so many things to experience. I am now getting to understand what is being asked of me.P.S. Richard and I (Jackie) might have given up on Marley had it not been for the help of Dogs Understood.
    Sally is not only training Marley but also training us how to handle him. We are now able to walk him with other dogs and although we still need Sally to advise occasionally he is becoming a more responsible dog and a valuable and much loved member of the family.
    We are so grateful for the support of Dogs Understood.

    — Richard and Jackie (and Marley) - Bedford —
  • Sophie and I just wanted to say how grateful we are for everything you did for Beau and indeed for us. She might not be perfect but we understand that as a Beagle, she is better than we could have expected and we are very lucky. We have come to realise how difficult and challenging it can be to train a Beagle but without your help, understanding and patience (with her and us!) it would have been so much harder.
    You were there for us every week at puppy school, always happy to answer questions we had and offering advice and things to try to get her through her difficult phases. And the phone support you gave out of puppy school was truly fantastic and helped us all get through what could have been a very confusing time. So thank you very, very much and I know Beau will always have a special wag of the tail and a Woof for you whenever we get to meet up.

    — Kris and Sophie - Bedford —
  • Words cannot express how thankful we are to Sally for her patience and total understanding. Bondis increasing dominance was quite literally terrorising me and my family and we were at the end of our tether not knowing where to turn. From the moment I first made contact with Sally she was there for us, with her expert advice, continuous support, and caring nature. Bondis is a changed dog now and he is my very best friend – Thanks Sally!

    — Claudia - Bedford —

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