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Despite my many years working as a Canine Behaviourist the most challenging and interesting, yet satisfying, experience has been working with “Kev” and his owners.
The story began about March 2015 when an existing client asked if I would be willing to help some friends of theirs, who were not only new to dog ownership, but were rescuing a wild dog from Iraq. I gulped, and she then continued to say the dog had been run over in the desert accidentally by an Iraqi armoured vehicle and had a broken leg. The friend serving in Iraq had befriended the young dog as a puppy in the desert and after the incident got him treated, by army medics, an Iraqi Vet, and then flown to England for an operation and was about to get him home after the quarantine period. So think of all the potential problems here – well I did!

We met on the big day when Kev arrived in a crate to his new house. The dog had never seen a house or a garden – what was he to do! His leg was still pinned, as the bone was still healing, so no free running. Lots of strategies were put in place to prevent, damage to him, the house, and potential escape, which included an outdoor kennel, as he had lived in a kennel for the last few months and we believed it kinder to keep him in an environment he had come to accept. However, it was quickly obvious that the Buster collar and the new kennel were not compatible, as Kev couldn’t fit through the gap to the run and there was no way the Buster collar was coming off! We had a quick rethink and integration to the house was made more quickly than anticipated!! However, with lots of hard work from his loving owners, he quickly adapted!

Within weeks further complications occurred when it was evident his other hind leg was dislocated, so another hasty operation arranged to fix that, a replacement hip no less! Kev has coped with all this and is now the most lovely loving pet with his new owners, and it hasn’t even been a year yet. He has to be the luckiest dog alive, and his trust in humans amazes me everyday.

Obviously I have omitted all the detailed hard work and processes carried out by myself and his loving owners to get to this point, but what I have had reaffirmed is that the strategies and techniques I have used to work with clients and their dogs over the years stand robustly, and regardless of a dog’s history, or background, canine behaviour is canine behaviour. There is a very strong link between the domestic dog and the wild one. All my training and experience works and has been put to the most extensive test. Most importantly we now have two lovely friends, and another very special dog in our life, Kev!

Special mentions must go to Davies Veterinary Clinic at Barton and Scott Veterinary Clinic at Bedford.
Please visit “Kev the Desert Dog Murrell” Facebook page for pictures and updates.

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