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Training and Behaviour

Have you just acquired a puppy?

Obviously you cannot take your puppy to puppy school or the park until it has had its vaccinations, but don’t wait until then before you start training, you can start straight away.

Not sure how? There is a lot for you to do whilst waiting for the “all clear” to be able to take your puppy out. There is:

  • Training in the home (such as toilet training and basic manners)
  • Traffic training (you can carry your puppy whilst it gets used to various traffic noises)
  • Socialization (meet as many people as possible)

It is very important to begin at an early age.

All too often I meet people who have kept their puppies indoors since 8 weeks of age, until they are vaccinated and able to venture out on the ground (by this time they are often 12-14 weeks old). Frequently owners are unaware that the training process can start before attending training classes. If you wait until after vaccinations you will miss out on a huge amount of time when your puppy can be most influenced. Seek help and get training right away.

I offer a one to one puppy training service, where we can start a training programme to progress your puppy from an early age. Puppy training does not just mean being able to take your puppy out in public places when its vaccinated, there is much more for you to do to successfully train a puppy.

Never had a dog before?

Being a passionate dog lover as well as working with them professionally, I am a believer in people getting the right advice from the start, before the dog is acquired. So much of my work is dealing with the consequences of things going wrong and then putting the situation right – I would much rather help people and their dogs to get it right in the firs place and therefore am happy to give free advice before the problems occur.

Certain things you should consider before getting your dog are:

  • How big is your home?
  • How long are you going to leave the dog alone?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to a dog?
  • Are there children in the family now or planned?
  • How much do you know about the dog you are considering, are you familiar with the breed type?
  • Do you know the dogs background, many prospective owners like to get a rescue dog.

Remember, puppies or new dogs are a big commitment for many years, and they only remain puppies for a very short time.

If you do get the right information and do your research then your dog will give you many years of loyal love and happiness. Unfortunately all too often I do see the other side, and for that reason I will always be willing to talk to you as a prospective dog owner and give you free impartial advice about dog ownership.

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Puppy Training Classes in Association with:-

The Scott Veterinary Clinic
405 Goldington Rd
MK41 0DS
Puppy classes are held in a clean, secure environment at the Veterinary clinic. I offer Puppy training for groups of 6 Puppies, so that quality time can be given to all participants, covering the important issues of puppy training and ownership.

There are 4 sessions, over a 4 week period, with an option on a 5th session held outdoors, again in a secure environment.
The classes can be booked through Dogs Understood direct, and are strictly limited to 6 Puppies per class. You do not have to be Scott’s Clients to attend these classes, but you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment on 07789 913834.

Please click on this link for further details.


Puppy Parties at Scott Veterinary Clinic:-

There are also free Puppy Parties held on a regular basis at the clinic for Scotts Clients, where there is an insight to the Puppy training. These sessions are free and bookings can be made through the vets Direct on 01234 261622.


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